Technology - Virtual Roundtable

Future cloud: modernize applications to drive innovation and cut costs

26th October 2021 | 11:30am - 1:00pm EST
What new things should you embrace, and what old things do you retain?

A Meet the Boss virtual roundtable in partnership with Intel & CloudGenera

Cloud has been described as the ‘unsung hero’ of the last 18 months. It has offered businesses a vital lifeline in a world brought to a standstill. However, this shift was already well underway before the pandemic, and is set to continue apace into 2021 and beyond. No longer is this an ‘IT topic’ alone. Cloud transformation must be at the center of broader business strategy, meeting the needs of today and anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

However, speeding up the deployment of new applications brings new risk, cost and the challenge of workload placement. That’s why its more important than ever for businesses to take stock of the applications they are implementing, ensuring they add value, form a cohesive ecosystem and deliver immediate return.

As the world adjusts to the ‘new normal’, how do you recognize which innovations to embrace and which existing systems to retain? How can you better manage providers and make data actionable? And how do you streamline cloud decisions while saving money?

Join CloudGenera, Intel and a select group of industry thought leaders in this interactive Roundtable session as we discuss how to reinvigorate the transformation journey, lower risk and cut cost.

Discussion Topics

How are you evaluating technical debt?
Are you modernizing applications?
What is your data center exit strategy?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Sarah Musick Systems Engineering Principal, CloudGenera
Sarah is the Systems Engineering Principal at CloudGenera where she spearheads the pre-sales and onboarding efforts… Find out more
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Previous Attendees

Fernando Machado
Activision Blizzard
Jennifer Christie
Naveed Tariq
Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Group Innovation Operations,
John Pillar
Line De Decker
Chief Transformation Officer,

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