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From cloud cautious to cloud strong – moving forward with confidence

8th February 2021 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm GMT
The urgency created by recent events acted as a catalyst to faster executive decision-making and action.

When it mattered most we all mobilized millions of people to work differently, cutting through bureaucracy out of sheer necessity. And now, it seems, there is no going back.

In light of this, it will come as no surprise that the much-debated ‘case for cloud’ has been firmly closed during the 2020 pandemic. Any skepticism expressed in the recent past has well and truly dissipated as organizations in both public and private sectors have recognized that cloud could genuinely make the difference between success and failure as we all seek to future-proof our technology in readiness for further crises.

But what if the acceleration of cloud is actually making things even more complex? The myriad of options means it can be a minefield for business and technology leaders seeking to accelerate digital transformation during the pandemic, where there simply isn’t the head-space or budget for new, large-scale initiatives.

Join Fujitsu, AWS and VMware for a round table discussion about the best way to approach cloud adoption against the backdrop of the pandemic, becoming cloud strong whilst avoiding further complexity.

Discussion Topics

Is Cloud believed to be the ‘big bet’ for future success?
What are the biggest drivers for accelerating Cloud?
How high is the adoption of Cloud on the technology roadmap?
What’s holding back Cloud adoption?
Are you concerned about introducing too much complexity?

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