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Ensuring a safe and confident return to the workplace

9th October 2020 | 1:00pm ET
What are the considerations for ensuring employees are both safe and able to work productively on returning to the workplace?

With most organizations either preparing the workforce for a safe and practical return to the office or already engaged in some form of return-to-the-workplace journey, the voice of the CHRO has never been more essential.

Not only must they continue to ensure an engaged and productive workforce while protecting the physical and mental health of employees, they also need to consider how to implement appropriate testing measures, reconfigure facilities, provide protective equipment, and gain support from suppliers and partners in the wider operational ecosystem. Increasingly, that means augmenting a traditional focus on people with an eye on the technology needed to accelerate re-entry and enable success in the new normal.

So as employers prepare to re-open and bring employees back to the workplace, what are the key considerations that need to be factored in to make that effort a success?

Join IBM TRIRIGA and Meet the Boss as we explore the challenge and opportunity of managing your people in this unprecedented time of disruption. Connect with your peers on how to ensure the safety of your employees as you plan for the return to the workplace, reimagine and reconfigure workplace services to meet quickly changing realities, and prepare for new ways of working in this new environment.

Discussion Topics

The crisis: How did the pandemic impact how and where your employees worked? What were the key challenges faced in sending home thousands of employees/reconfiguring existing ways of working?
Recovery: What does the return to the workplace look like? How are you approaching the workplace/employee/occupant experience? Is it shifting from talent attraction and retention and productivity to safety and wellbeing? What initiatives have you employed to meet your goals in these areas?
Sustainability/business continuity: Will you be investing in technologies to help mitigate future situations like this? How do you prepare for the next pandemic, natural disaster, or mass power outage?
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