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Ensure resilience for your critical business operations

21st May 2020 | 10:30am IST
How are you maintaining business continuity and mitigating risk enterprise-wide?

Join a select group of senior thought leaders on this roundtable discussion as we dedicate 90 minutes to answering some of the most valuable questions in business today…

More than one in 10 CISOs report experiencing a significant security breach causing reputational or financial damage in the past three years. Manual processes, resources and talent deficiencies, and the inability to prioritize and manage threats are impairing security response effectiveness and business continuity.
This coupled with the current socioeconomic challenges being faced globally ensures business continuity at these times is a key global challenge for all CISOs.

Organizations across the globe must address the same security risks while navigating the strict requirements of their own unique cultural, socioeconomic and business landscapes.

But with less than 50 percent of security workloads currently being automated, how can a modern CISO implement a strategy that: allows the automatic embedding of risk and compliance controls into workflows, continuously monitors controls, creates an aggregate view of risk posture and mitigates risks appropriately in a business and geopolitical environment?

For more effective cyber security & risk management, organizations must shift away from this reactive paradigm. While automating and accelerating workflows business is becoming an imperative, how do you find the balance between priority business practices and scaling your IT infrastructure?

Join industry experts, ServiceNow and a group of security thought leaders to explore how your organization can manage your business continuity management and risk posture to dramatically improve and scale your ability to execute on your key business deliverables.

Discussion Topics

What are the lessons we have learnt over the past few months about the importance of business continuity and managing IT risks and how are you approaching this?
How have recent events changed how you are approaching this issue, what are you planning to differently that you weren’t before?
How can we better use technology to support our business to drive better risk and security strategy, can automation and AI play a key role?

Your Hosts

Thought Leader
Ranndeep Chonker Product Line Sales Manager - Security for India, ServiceNow
Ranndeep Chonker is passionate about Cyber Security and has been part of the Industry since 2008.… Find out more
Thought Leader
Gaurav Mahendru Sr. Advisory Solution Consultant, Security and Risk for India, ServiceNow
With over 19 years of experience in Information / Cyber Security and GRC, Gaurav Mahendru is… Find out more

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