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Employee experience: maximising employee productivity as they ‘work from anywhere’ with their digital tools

2nd September 2020 | 10:00am BST
How does your organization maximise IT effectiveness to support employees working from ‘anywhere’?

Many enterprises don’t wish to go back to the ‘old way’ of office working because there are too many opportunities around sustaining home working including, staff productivity, cost savings, and increased morale.

The role of IT departments to not only provide a consistent level of service and operations for users, but drive proactive improvements to enhance employee experience, engagement, and productivity has never been more business critical. So how should digital workplace strategy look as we progress into the ‘next normal’?

In order to be successful, it requires both visibility into what matters to users, and the critical capabilities to drive proactive change and continuous improvement. So how do you manage employee experience and automate? How do you help drive future business success across a distributed workforce?

Join Nexthink and a select group of industry thought leaders to explore the power of a digital employee experience management. Throughout the roundtable discussion, attendees will also discuss what to consider in terms of culture, comms and behaviour – to drive meaningful and continuous improvement.

Discussion Topics

How are you fostering a meaningful dialogue between IT and users – to impact technology adoption, employee engagement/feedback?
How are you understanding the elements of digital employee experience and driving proactive change?
How are you gaining visibility into true employee experience across the digital workplace?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Bob Moore VP Europe, Nexthink
Bob Moore joined Nexthink in 2017 to build and drive a European enterprise-class sales division through… Find out more
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