HR - webinar Roundtable

Elegant Solutions for the Future of Talent Acquisition

5th October 2021 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST | 1 hour and 30 minutes

Our post-pandemic world calls for “elegant solutions” — strategies that tie together creative analysis, advances in automation and strategic use of resources while rising to meet today’s pressing needs.

For organizations with growth plans on the horizon, implementing sophisticated talent attraction solutions in this economy is crucial. Flexibility, personalization and quality of engagement have emerged as the forerunners in the deciding factors to attract high performers.

Talent acquisition functions that can balance the priorities of quality over cost, optimising operating models and operational excellence through additive technologies will be well placed to be successful in the future.

What adaptations present opportunities in this rapidly evolving era? How can recruiting and hiring effectively and efficiently transform for tomorrow’s successes? Join us as we identify talent acquisition’s changing landscape and explore “elegant solutions” for reaching your hire potential.

Discussion Topics

As talent acquisition continues to address evolving challenges, where do you anticipate the most significant transformations in your hiring will occur?
What role will intelligent automation play as you solve problems and build lasting, forward-facing talent acquisition strategies?
Which of these important pillars — data analytics, intelligent automation, trusted partnerships — holds the greatest potential for our new world of work? And where do you anticipate hurdles to overcome?
Tell us: what does a creative hiring solution look like in your organization? We want to hear your elegant solutions.


Thought Leader
Carmen Bryant Director of Marketing, Indeed
Carmen is responsible for the development and execution of the integrated marketing plan and go-to-market strategies… Find out more

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