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Efficiency, experience, expansion: planning for and prioritising AI rollout

28th April 2020 | 3:00pm GMT |
Join five senior ops, finance, tech and marketing leaders on this vital 90-minute virtual roundtable discussion. Explore what AI looks like for you, understand the changes AI’s perfect storm will bring, and identify the experimental opportunities and use cases in your business today that will set you up for success tomorrow.


Three ways AI will change every business:

  1. Efficiency – increasing quality of product and process, reducing costs.
  2. Experience/engagement – increasing customer satisfaction across all touchpoints.
  3. Expansion – creating, enabling and driving new business models.


Three reasons why AI is about to change every business:

  1. Algorithm and model design enables greater development at increasing pace.
  2. More data, more widely available. And thanks to IoT, more to come.
  3. Required compute power and capacity now widely and cheaply available.


And the only questions that matter: do you know everything can AI do for your business? How do you make AI real for your business?

Discussion Topics

Efficiency, experience, expansion: how are you thinking about AI?
Gartner predicts every company will have 50x AI workloads in production by 2025. Where are you experimenting today?
Muddy swamp or clear water: how are you getting your data lake in order?
Adam Burns Senior Editor & Presenter, Meet the Boss
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Industry Expert
Dr. Patricia Florissi Global CTO for Sales, Dell Technologies

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