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Driving new business value: building the right foundation for your app modernization program

7th July 2020 | 11:00am - 12:30pm GST
What is holding you back from modernising your applications?

Applications are becoming the lifeblood of businesses. Customer and employee demands for them have dramatically increased the volume and diversity of applications that organizations must build, run, manage, protect, and connect. The right deployment strategy for applications is also becoming important to business agility and cost, making adopting the right on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud foundation and operational approach an edge that matters more than ever in today’s competitive marketplaces.

The very competitiveness of your business and the customer experience you deliver are tied to your application development and deployment strategy. According to Forrester, 88 percent of executives agree – yet half of businesses haven’t improved their apps in more than a year.

To accelerate app modernisation, we must first tackle the ‘why’: is it a business, technology or skills issue? Or is it something else? Only then can we look at the ‘how’: the ways IT can support app-driven digital transformation, which begins with a strong foundation for leveraging cloud.

So where do the challenges lie on the road to application modernisation? How does your application environment map to your cloud strategy? And what is the impact of user experience on your development and deployment strategy? Join this Meet the Boss roundtable, in partnership with by VMware, to find out.

Discussion Topics

Customer experience and its impact on the business
Challenges and opportunities in app modernisation
The need for a strong digital cloud foundation
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