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Digitally together: navigating the landscape for today and tomorrow

15th June 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am BST
How can businesses thrive in a world where customers now live digitally?

Businesses of all sizes are facing challenges with adjusting to a ‘new normal.’ While physical stores remain closed and people are following social distancing rules – digital channels now carry the load and are the ones companies 100% rely on. Now that commercial models have been flipped on their heads, organizations that invested in their digital capabilities are the big winners. Others need to either adapt quickly or perish.

That’s why many enterprises are leveraging predictive analytics, AI and machine-learning to improve customer experiences. By gaining critical insights in real-time, companies can make quick business decisions, gain the ability to see and understand the context of the complete customer journey and meet  consumers’ expectations.

As the demographics and behavior of customers change in these uncertain times, how can you gain these valuable insights while maintaining their privacy? What are ways to build customer trust and reduce churn? How can you increase conversions on web and native mobile channels?

Join Glassbox and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss how to transform in the current climate and navigate the landscape of today and tomorrow in the new digital world.

Discussion Topics

What digital trends are you embracing?
Are you leveraging predictive analytics to improve customer insights?
What is your omni-channel vision into the customer journey?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Duncan MacPherson GM, Americas, Glassbox
Duncan is a multi-skilled digital software leader with over 25 years' experience of winning new business… Find out more
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