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Digital transformation within the service provider: Building for resilience and adaptability

19th February 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
Is it possible to transform your business without transforming your business model?

In an unforgiving market, customers demand platforms that scale seamlessly, work reliably, and include all the features offered by the most-nimble of cloud-based startups. One thing is certain – if communication service providers want to embrace new technologies that promise to revolutionize the industry, they will need to invest in infrastructure that enables them to support and monetize these

The current pandemic has highlighted the performance gap between organizations that have invested in digital transformation and technology innovation pre-pandemic and those that did not. As economies and industries are opening at different speeds and phases, they are entering a world that looks very different. Many of the trends that have been accelerated by the pandemic will continue, and organizations that were digital leaders before the crisis are emerging strongest.

To stay ahead of new, agile competitors that aren’t burdened with legacy infrastructure, communication service providers are looking for new revenue sources from new service and business models. In addition, these providers must acknowledge that it is the people, employees, and partners, that make organizations adaptive and responsive. Therefore, they must find ways to create better ecosystems that enable their people to adapt and respond to change at speed.

Join UST Global and a select group of your industry peers to discuss digital transformation within the service provider and how building resilience in the face of considerable uncertainty through accelerated digitization will enable communication services providers to navigate the challenging times ahead and emerge stronger.

Discussion Topics

The cloud journey for service providers and cloud computing tradeoffs – public/private/ hybrid.
How to innovate at speed?
Service provider digital transformation – where is the ROI?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Trent Mayberry Chief Digital Officer, UST Global
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Thought Leader
Steve O’Neal Practice Director - Technology, Media & Telecom, UST Global
Steve O'Neal is the Practice Director for UST Global's Technology, Media & Telecom practice in North… Find out more
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