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Digital Supply Chain: Save shipments, improve service and avoid costs using live global situational awareness and automated intervention capabilities

4th December 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am EST
How do you turn a $500K digital supply chain pilot into $5M in measured value?

Safeguarding temperature-controlled product moves is a huge challenge for supply chain professionals. Using predictive analytics, the internet of things and other digital tools to identify when a product may be at risk of exceeding temperature tolerances or otherwise be compromised after it leaves the plant is increasingly non-negotiable – especially in industries such as life sciences where maintaining high levels of service are important to the health and welfare of individuals.

In addition, such control and compliance enablement can generate massive savings through the elimination of product discards, adherence to SOPs, and lower handling costs.

As COVID19 has shown, disruption to the supply chain can be devastating.  As such, preparing for the next global event requires a proactive, resilient supply chain that can harness ML/AI-driven predictive insight and enterprise-wide connectivity to improve visibility and drive more effective decision-making.

But what are the pillars of a proactive, resilient supply chain? And where do you get started? Join this virtual roundtable event to find out.

Discussion Topics

What role can emerging supply chain technologies and innovations play in helping to improve service and reduce costs?
How can you use tools such as sensors, predictive analytics, and exception management to prevent product discards, scale operations, and minimize costs?
How do you create greater supply chain resiliency in the face of COVID19 and other disruptive events?

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