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Digital evolution of our companies is accelerating – but security needs to keep pace!

21st August 2020 | 10:00am BST
As companies continue to innovate, how are you keeping your organisation secure?

Organisations face an ever-increasing cyber security threat, accelerated by recent events that enforced rapid changes to the way we conduct business. For some, these changes were simply an extension to the existing remote working population. For others, this was a radical departure from standard working practice. However, businesses have now adapted and adjusted their ways of working.

It is critical that organisations learn from this experience and take steps to reinforce their defensive capabilities. This means, securing user activity rather than premises, introducing zero-trust models, cloud access security restrictions, or internet based secure remote working.

As we navigate the current climate, we are all continuing to defend our enterprises from the same adversaries, leveraging similar attack vectors. The crucial take away from the past few months is there is so much more we need to do, to secure our business. As our companies continue to innovate, how does security keep pace? Should digital security be an essential part of your post COVID-19 strategy?

Join T-Systems and a group of security experts to discuss the ever-changing threat landscape and how you can better protect your business.

Discussion Topics

With employees working from various locations and devices, how do we remain secure?
How do we bring operational technology security up to the same levels imposed on IT environments?
Our businesses are constantly under attack by unseen adversaries with diverse and varied agendas and motivations. How can we ensure that we are successfully educating our employees on the different vectors leveraged by these anonymous attackers?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Scott Cairns CTO & Head of Security, T-Systems Northern Europe, T-Systems
Scott sits on the board of management as CTO and senior strategist at T-Systems. As Head… Find out more
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