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Detect and defend: the importance of threat intelligence

11th February 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
How to simplify and secure your complex environment?

Security and IT teams have been no stranger to hard work following COVID-19. As cyber threats continue to increase in both volume and complexity, organizations are feeling the pressure to manage this new level of risk.

Security has been paramount in enabling business continuity and the remote workforce that supports it. While for many, providing secure remote access to resources, apps, and data has been the number one priority, behind the scenes this paradigm shift has unveiled other areas of concern.

As we continue to adapt and respond – with the rate of digital transformation gaining rapid speed in the first few months following the pandemic – IT environments are becoming more complicated and costly to secure.

There is an overwhelming need for the simplification of threat intelligence tools and data and to reduce the demand for our people and internal resources.

So, how can we better prioritize and utilize our security resources? How can we seamlessly integrate threat intelligence into our existing security controls? And how can we be armed to detect and defend new cyber threats and cybercriminal activities even in the most complex environments?

Join Kaspersky and a select group of security experts to discuss how to simplify and actionable threat intelligence through disruption.

Discussion Topics

What challenges are you facing within your cyber threat intelligence program?
How are you prioritizing resource within your cyber threat intelligence and what is the role of automation?
How are you building a safe and vibrant community through intelligence sharing?

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Randall Richard Head of Enterprise Sales, Kaspersky North America, Kaspersky
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