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Delivering differentiated client experiences in asset management

29th May 2020 | 9:00am - 10:30am EST | 1 hour and 30 minutes
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How can leveraging the benefits of the cloud help you connect with customers?

Join other senior thought leaders on this webinar discussion as we dedicate 60 minutes to answering one of the most valuable questions in business today…

Leaders in financial organizations are faced with an increasingly challenging environment and, as a result, clients expect and demand more.

They need strategic partners, not product pushers, to help them achieve their investment goals. This entails that managers not only truly get to know and understand their clients’ needs, but also design and deliver highly customized solutions.

Too often, the ability to offer personalized investment guidance is held back due to siloed information sources, where client managers are unable to get a holistic, comprehensive view of a client’s needs over time.

Additionally, without the power of accurate information, it becomes difficult to predict the optimum time to offer clients the most appropriate services and products.

So, how can you get a single, unified view of your client? How can that empower you to deliver products and services the client truly needs? And how can you leverage insights to provide extraordinary engagement across a client’s journey?

Join Microsoft and a group of asset management thought leaders for an interactive webinar on how excellent customer service can be a key enabler to become more successful, agile, compliant, and deliver an experience that accelerates growth and improved client relationships.

Discussion Topics

How are you creating a seamless, consistent customer experience?
How could bringing together disparate information from internal and external sources help you address client needs?
What tools are available today to predict your clients’ future behaviour?

Your Hosts

Thought Leader
Sháka Rasheed MD, GM - Capital Markets, Microsoft
I am a Cloud Sales & Business Transformation Leader for the US Financial Services business at… Find out more
Kristina Cartwright Editor & Presenter, Meet the Boss
Kristina Cartwright is an editor and presenter for GDS Group & Meet the Boss. In this… Find out more

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