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Deliver personalized, intelligent customer experiences – Understanding the emotional drivers in the new normal

3rd November 2020 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm GMT
How are you delivering personalized, intelligent customer experiences that set you apart?

Customers want brands to understand them. They want to be reached on an emotional level that in turn sets you apart from the competition and drives loyalty. Customers now expect personalized and frictionless experiences –  And that takes a great deal of brainpower. This crisis has forever changed customers’ experiences which has forced companies to move at an unprecedented speed to serve their customers with quality.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the people you serve and making relevant company knowledge accessible to your customers requires AI-powered search and recommendations. From helping customers access relevant content quickly with automatic query completion and intelligently ranked results, to boosting engagement by automatically displaying your most compelling content that is personalized at every step of the journey.

Customers prefer to self-serve and when done effectively you can increase case deflection, expect fewer calls into your contact centre and see an overall reduction in support operations costs. The rules of engagement have changed dramatically. How are you staying one step ahead?

Join Coveo and a select group of your peers as we discuss how to make every experience count that ensure your business not only survives a pending recession, but also thrives during tough economic times.

Discussion Topics

How are you creating personalized and frictionless customer experiences?
How are you using AI and Data Building to understand your customer better?
How are you reaching them on an emotional level and gaining loyalty in return?
How are you accelerating digital capabilities to keep up with changes in buying behaviours?
Examples of companies who have achieved success with these principles
How to measure your experiences against these elements

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Ben Wild AI for the Enterprise; Website, Service, Workplace, Commerce, Coveo
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