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COVID 19: A time machine the insurance industry can’t miss

25th January 2021 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST
How are you transforming your operations digitally to enhance the customer experience and reduce manual tasks?

Today customers expect a consistent experience. Whether shopping online or handling claims, your customers want it done seamlessly and without hassle. 

Seamless customer experiences start with digital transformation. From reimagining the lifecycle of a claim with AI to creating an intelligent customer centric journey, to low touch underwriting for a more flexible and efficient delivery platform. AI and data transformation can help you achieve a quantifiable business impact. So, where do you start?

Join Quantiphi and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss custom AI and machine learning applications that optimize critical parts of your business, create smarter products, deliver frictionless customer experiences, automate key processes and enable safer business environments.

Discussion Topics

Improving operational efficiency in core operations like claims and underwriting through digital transformation or automation of time-taking and document-intensive processes.
Improve customer retention, persistency, and lifetime value
Contact centre modernization through AI and automation to improve customer experience
Coach, Implement, Accelerate and Support data platform migration to cloud initiatives
Enable Self-service BI reporting and Analytics for data-driven decision making

Your Host

Thought Leader
Bhaskar Kalita Head - FSI, Quantiphi
Bhaskar heads the FSI business unit at Quantiphi Inc, an Applied AI and data science software… Find out more
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