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Conversational commerce: reimagining the retail experience

31st July 2020 | 1:00pm
How can retailers transform their sales and customer service operations in the new normal with AI-powered messaging?

Retailers worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges. Their focus during the early stages of the disruption was adjusting to new operating models in order to achieve business continuity – contact centres have closed and care operations have shifted to remote working models, in-store operations are being reimagined to enable contactless shopping, and e-commerce is being accelerated with digital sales and marketing.

It’s now a critical time to re-evaluate your sales and customer service strategies. Customer behaviour is undergoing permanent changes and digital transformation, once considered disruptive and high risk, is now essential. As the weeks go by, consumers are expected to adopt messaging as their preferred means of communication, and curbside pickup, virtual store assistants, mobile payments, and other contactless modalities will soon be standard – a new normal that needs to be planned for. But what is the long term strategy to operationalise this shift? How do retailers plan and prepare for what their businesses will look like?

Join LivePerson and several senior retail leaders to explore how the world’s leading brands are scaling their messaging, AI and automation capabilities to engage and support their customers across the entire lifecycle. We’ll also discuss how brands can stand up operational excellence as part of their conversational strategy, for every aspect of their digital interactions.

Discussion Topics

How has the disruption impacted sales and customer service operations in retail?
How are retailers continuing their sales and customer service operations in the face of disruption?
The value of messaging and AI has never been more clearly evidenced. How are you building a Conversational strategy for the medium and long term?

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Thought Leader
Alan Ranger VP Global Market Development, LivePerson
Alan Ranger serves as VP Global Market Development at LivePerson, the conversational AI leader whose mission… Find out more
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