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Consolidating and managing Office 365 across multiple tenants or a single large tenant

18th August 2020 | 3:00pm BST
How can you select the right toolset and data to make better-informed decisions and manage Office 365 more effectively?

Organizations with large, complex Office 365 deployments, either with multiple tenants or a larger consolidated estate need to devise a strategy to ensure the best possible experience for the user whilst maximising IT’s ability to deliver and support that.

For companies with complex Office 365 deployments – it is important to look at how to consolidate, manage across multiple tenants, and manage within a single large tenant. ​ Managing large tenant estates requires executives to be able to answer nearly any question about resource usage and user activity. So, how can you gain better visibility? How can you save time, money and increase operational efficiency? How can you support transformation as Microsoft 365 evolves?

Join Quadrotech and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss how to master the Microsoft cloud, whether you have a single tenant or multiple tenants.

Discussion Topics

How are you consolidating or managing large tenants or multiple Office 365 tenants?
How are you using data to make informed decisions and manage Office 365 more effectively?
How are you applying good governance across multiple tenants?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Paul Robichaux CTO and Microsoft MVP, Quadrotech
Paul Robichaux, an Office Servers and Services MVP since 2002, is CTO at Quadrotech, where he… Find out more
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