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Challenges with digital acquisition in the banking, financial services and insurance industries

16th July 2020 | 1:00pm EDT
How can you measure the effectiveness of digital marketing channels?

Many BFSI companies leverage digital marketing and their website to drive awareness, consideration and conversion only to find that they are unable to do so in an effective and efficient manner. CPA is too high, and these customers wind up being less profitable than those applying for financial products in the branch and other channels.

That’s why digital marketing leaders within banking and financial services have been applying precision targeting. It can identify and target the most qualified customers for cross-sell/up-sell and identify new sizeable and qualified audiences based on triggers.

So, how can you utilize digital channels to target and convert more highly qualified and profitable audiences? How can you overcome the obstacles around digital acquisition? How do you operate efficiently in a market dominated by aggregators? How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing channels?

Join iQuanti and a select group of digital marketing leaders to explore some solutions around digital acquisition in banking, financial services, and insurance industries.

Discussion Topics

How are you leveraging digital channels to attract and convert qualified and profitable audiences?
How are you measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing channels?
How are you navigating internal challenges to achieve organizational success?

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Thought Leader
Sreekant Lanka SVP of Digital Solutions, iQuanti
Sreekant Lanka is the SVP of Digital Solutions at iQuanti, where he leads cross-media and omni-channel… Find out more

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