Sales - Virtual Roundtable

Call your number with confidence: Intelligent pipeline analytics & sales forecasting

12th January 2021 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm GMT
How are you mitigating sales forecasting risk, delivering real-time pipeline visibility and coaching your teams for success?

Coming up with an accurate forecast is challenging for sales organisations of all sizes, across all industries, for a number of reasons but harnessing data-driven insights and visual dashboards to better assess pipeline health, get deeper visibility into pipeline activities & trends, and prioritise high-potential opportunities is where you can gain the competitive edge.


  • 80 % of sales orgs DO NOT have a forecast accuracy of greater than 75% (Miller Heiman study)
  • 67 % of sales orgs have NOT formalised their approach to forecasting (Miller Heiman study)
  • 55 % of sales leaders DO NOT have high confidence in their org’s forecasting accuracy (Gartner)

Greater pipeline visibility and AI-driven forecasting help increase sales forecast accuracy, improve revenue predictability, and strengthen the partnership between Sales and Finance teams.

Join Xactly and a select group of your sales peers as we discuss how you and your business can optimise your sales pipeline, improve your sales & commission earnings forecast accuracy, and hit sales targets every time.

Discussion Topics

How are you harnessing data driven insights and visual dashboards to better assess pipeline health?
How are you gaining a deeper visibility into sales pipeline activities & trends?
How are you increasing rep performance to close the gap between commit and target?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Andrew Widdison Sales Director, EMEA, Xactly
Andrew leads a team of Account Executives covering the EMEA market for Xactly, the leading SaaS… Find out more
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