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Business continuity strategy: protect your organization from disruptions and keep your workforce productive

19th June 2020 | 12:00pm EST
How are you meeting the needs of your mobile workforce?

Every organization faces the possibility of major and minor disruptions of all kinds, from planned events such as IT maintenance and office relocation, to looming emergencies such as hurricanes, snow storms, and epidemics, to unplanned events that strike completely without warning. Today, the impact of COVID-19 has companies around the world digitizing, reprioritizing and adapting to change, fast. It’s also disrupting the way businesses operate. While working remote was familiar to some enterprises– it was foreign for many others, creating challenges. How can you support to enable secure remote-work initiatives that can ensure the safety and productivity of your employees and maintain ongoing business operations seamlessly?

That’s why companies are turning to digital workspaces to navigate the future of work. According to Citrix, digital workspaces provide a single pane of glass through which IT can configure, monitor, and manage your entire technology infrastructure. It’s also more flexible and faster to innovate.

Join Presidio, Citrix and several senior executives to discuss business continuity and how to create a better user experience around acceding all virtual applications and desktop experiences.

Discussion Topics

How are you enabling remote work and meeting the needs of your mobile workforce?
Are you increasing business agility with the cloud and digital workspaces?
How are you addressing business continuity and creating a better user experience in the current climate?

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