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Building a successful game plan to engage and excite consumers through mobile solutions

24th September 2020 | 9:00am EST
Is your mobile game plan making life easier, successful, and faster for your customers and your business?

Brands are adapting to a ‘new normal’ by navigating the opportunities and challenges brought on by the current climate. However, digital products and services are helping brands stay connected to their customers, keeping them engaged and driving loyalty. With the right approach to mobility, marketers can better understand consumer behaviour, deliver personalized experiences, and make programs easy to join and participate in.

While the future remains uncertain, businesses now need to have a successful game plan in place to create that seamless customer journey. Mobile solutions can help give your consumers control of their experiences with autonomous features such as ordering, payments and transactions. They can also offer personalized rewards. So, how can your mobile game plan make life easier, faster, and more successful for your customers and your business? How can incorporating machine learning and AI into your current mobile app help? How can you better measure happiness, engagement?

Join Shockoe and a select group of industry thought leaders to explore how you can better understand user needs, match them with business objectives, and ensure their experience is fluid, fantastic and financially sound.

Discussion Topics

Has the ongoing pandemic caused you to re-evaluate your mobile product strategy?
Do you have a mobile app? Are you leveraging augmented reality with your app? machine learning and AI with your app?
What opportunities and challenges are you experiencing when building loyalty and/or engagement with your customers through mobile technology?

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