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Building a future proof multi-cloud strategy

15th January 2021 | 11:00am - 12:30pm CET
How linking your multi-cloud strategy to business outcomes creates sustainable growth?

There’s no denying the move to multi-cloud has accelerated through recent disruption. Connectivity is key and multi-cloud is the solution: to connect our employees, our digital devices and our IT enterprise, to harness the power of resilient cloud‐based infrastructures and have the scalability to adapt to changing circumstances as new challenges come our way.

And while hybrid and multi-cloud architecture is becoming more commonplace, with over 90% of enterprises worldwide expected to rely on a mix of on‐premises, dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds and legacy platforms by 2022 (IDC 2020), many are struggling to orchestrate their journeys in the most productive ways possible.

The time is now to ensure that your cloud journey fully supports your business continuity plans and sustainable business growth.

Join Orange Business Services and a select group of IT experts to discuss how to create an agile digital strategy underpinned by the adaptability of multi-cloud, how to improve efficiencies and control costs and how cloud can become a key enabler to achieve business outcomes.

Discussion Topics

Where are you on your cloud journey and where do you want to go?
How are you designing a cloud strategy for a smarter business?
How are you linking your cloud strategy to business outcomes to create sustainable growth?
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