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Breaking down content silos: how to build a modern digital enterprise

21st May 2020 | 1:00pm EST
Join five senior leaders on this roundtable discussion as we dedicate 90 minutes to answering one of the most valuable questions in business today...

How can companies modernize their digital experience architecture and interact with customers on various channels?

Delivering a real-time personalized experience can be a challenge for many organizations. A simple task like updating content on a website can take days for marketers and developers who are inundated with requests and working with an outdated content management system (CMS).

Technology teams also need to be able to work together in order to deliver a unified customer journey across all digital touchpoints. However, many companies have trouble seeing the bigger picture and don’t know what to prioritize. So, how do you break down content silos for digital agility? And how do you move from old monolithic suites to agile, headless, microservices-based, composable architecture?

Join Contentstack and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss how to move to a more flexible and scalable CMS, connect customer data with content for personalization, and how to increase ROI by reusing content.

Discussion Topics

How do you break down content silos for digital agility
How to move from old monolithic suites to an agile, headless, microservices-based, composable architecture
What is the future of content experience and why does it matter
Thought Leader
Neha Sampat Founder and CEO, Contentstack
Neha is the CEO of Contentstack. An outspoken advocate for women in leadership, she can often… Find out more
Jade Gamlin Master of Ceremonies, Meet the Boss
A media professional with six years’ experience of providing original written, video and social media content.… Find out more
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