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Boosting productivity in a post-COVID world through employee engagement

18th November 2020 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST
How do we better connect and engage our people in a distributed world of work?

The past few months has been called the greatest workplace transformation experiment in a generation – and it’s not fanciful to consider that an understatement. Almost all organizations are attempting to embrace new technologies, new business models and new ways of working. They have been forced to pivot quickly. And they have been challenged to keep employees safe, motivated and engaged – all while maintaining productivity levels in the face of unprecedented change.

Figuring out what comes next and getting the roadmap right remains a priority. How do you improve collaboration and communication so that employees remain engaged wherever they are working? How do you empower employees to take responsibility for their own careers in the age of remote and distributed working? And what is the impact of employee engagement on productivity?

Join Meet the Boss and MHR International as we explore the challenges HR leaders face in keeping employees engaged and productive during the pandemic – and how this will impact what the workplace of the future looks like.

Discussion Topics

How did COVID impact your organization in terms of employee engagement?
What is the relationship between employee engagement and productivity?
How do you build and maintain business culture when teams are working in remote and distributed locations?

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Iain Moffat Chief Global Officer, MHR
Iain Moffat is Chief Global Officer of MHR International, a specialist supplier of HRIS solutions. Its… Find out more
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