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Best practices for ecommerce grocery retail across Europe

15th February 2021 | 10:00am - 11:30am GMT
How to gain competitive advantage through a seamless omnichannel shopping experience?

There’s no denying grocery retail has boomed over recent months. Following the impact of COVID-19, grocery e-commerce saw an accelerated growth of 20 percent globally in Q1 of 2020 when compared to the same period the previous year. (Salesforce 2020).

However, now is not the time for grocery retailers to rest on their laurels. Competitive e-commerce marketplace players are developing new approaches to supplying supermarkets and currently account for more than half of online sales globally – which is only set to accelerate as we look ahead (European Parliament 2020).

To compete, the grocery industry must adapt to changing consumer habits by offering an easier, faster and more practical experience. And, as well as having omni-channel capabilities, retailers need to enable the shopping experience using transparent and qualitative information in order to attract and retain consumers.

So, how can you offer the best, concise but diversified online assortment? How can you give consumers a seamless shopping experience with accurate, homogeneous and qualitative product information? And how can you collate product data across suppliers to increase time to market and enable data-driven relationships with manufacturers?

Join Alkemics and a select group of grocery retailers to discuss what the future holds for the industry, hear best practice knowledge and learn how to remain competitive in a disrupted marketplace.

Discussion Topics

What challenges have new consumer habits and trends presented to your organization and how have you responded?
How are you keeping e-commerce profitable despite price pressure and logistics costs?
How are you collecting and managing product data and leveraging e-commerce product enrichment to help customers find what they need and enrich their shopping experience?

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Antoine Durieux CEO and Co-founder, Alkemics
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