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Bend the cost of chronic condition care with digital therapeutics

17th February 2021 | 4:30pm - 6:00pm GMT | 11:30am - 1:00-pm ET
How are you leveraging digital technology and data to scale effective and personalized chronic condition management for better outcomes and quality?

An unprecedented shift in the adoption of digital health care for chronic condition management has created an emerging new dynamic for health plans. Providing digital tools to fully insured health plan members – once a ‘nice to have’ – are now considered a ‘must have’ to accelerate clinical and cost of care improvements.

Ever growing numbers of high-cost members with multiple chronic conditions amplify the need to effectively improve clinical outcomes and positively impact cost-of-care burden for at-risk entities. While digital solutions do exist, these standard device-based platforms and generic coaching bots have not achieved adequate engagement, outcomes, and ROI.

Health plans seeking to substantially improve member health to reduce the cost associated with chronic disease must look beyond device-based solutions. To accelerate behavior-change and achieve cost of care reduction, payers must look to the next generation of digital therapeutics. These comprehensive solutions incorporate interoperability, personalization at scale, exceptional user experience, adaptive member engagement strategies, and member level data transparency to make it easy for people to change their behaviors – and make it easy for health plans to see the impact. So, how do you get there?

Join DarioHealth and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss digital therapeutics to improve health and quality outcomes, reduce costs and give you a competitive advantage.

Discussion Topics

How is your organization proactively addressing cost of care associated with chronic conditions, and what are the outcomes?
How can health plans drive return on investment with digital health/digital therapeutics solutions for chronic conditions—across lines of business?
What are the key drivers in deciding to select a solution that improves health outcomes for your members?
How can you leverage digital therapeutics to give your organization a competitive advantage?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Omar Manejwala M.D., Chief Medical Officer, DarioHealth
Omar is one of the world’s leading experts on behavior change. He is keen on behavior… Find out more

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DarioHealth provides a clinically and commercially proven personalized digital therapeutics (DTx) solution that enables individuals with chronic conditions to achieve durable behavior change, leading to improved clinical and financial outcomes. The Dario platform currently provides fully scaled solutions for diabetes… Find out more
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