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Agile marketing

25th September 2020 | 12:00pm ET
Agile marketing: staying ahead of customer expectations in times of rapid change

As customer expectations rise and the pressure for continuous delivery grows, the agile trend is expanding beyond merely software teams. The same goes for marketing departments and organizations, where the application of an agile methodology is becoming recognised as the key to making marketing work harder in a disrupted, volatile environment. While every agile marketing approach will be entirely unique, there are some key characteristics that allow for best-in-class, self-managed teams across performance marketing, product marketing, brand, growth and more to operate autonomously while moving in the same forward direction.

From the initial mindset shift, the flexibility to operate fast and iterate frequently, the fresh approach to collaboration and of course the ability to leverage data and extract valuable insights, the agile way of working can provide immediate value to the business. So, how can you leverage IT tools to create a stronger marketing team? How can you harness a culture of team collaboration with a remote workforce? And how can an agile approach help you exceed customer expectations in times of rapid change?

Join Atlassian and a group of select marketing experts to discuss your journey to agile marketing, find out how to equip your teams with the tools to respond and deliver in this new way of working and hear though leadership from Atlassian’s CMO, Robert Chatwani.

Discussion Topics

Agile Marketing
Remote Collaboration
Crisis Management

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Robert Chatwani CMO, Atlassian
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