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Adapting to a new reality: leading global payroll ‘beyond the curve’

11th November 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm GMT
How will pay and HR leaders in international organisations adapt their business processes to build resiliency?

Pay accounts for as much as 60% of some business’ annual outgoings. For many organisations that operate across borders and cultures, payroll will be under a new spotlight since the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Payroll connects the organisation, the individual and the government – linking talent, data and regulation. Global payroll and HR leaders have needed to adapt to rapid regulatory changes, employee uncertainty and the ever-increasing need for organisational efficiency.

As companies continue to adapt to a ‘new normal’ they are faced with several challenges. Companies may need to reshape their supply chains and global operations due to the current crisis, in many cases, entering new geographies. The global pandemic has added new dimensions to the challenges surrounding managing HR internationally. Global companies will need to contend with diverse furlough arrangements, work safety rules, and other COVID-19-specific regulations as they get back to work. And the implementation of regulatory changes is just the beginning. Accelerated audit expectations are due to follow as the financial year draws to a close.

How HR leaders react, recover and adapt to this new reality is crucial. So, how do you comb through the chaos and react to the regulatory changes? What processes and procedures need to be in place for the inevitable increased regulatory activity? What is the potential impact on global mobility and changing ways of working? How is technology allowing companies to maintain international HR systems and services and ultimately remain competitive?

Join ADP and a select group of HR leaders to discuss the common challenges you are facing, and the changes required to cope with increased demands of improved functionality and agility whilst also minimising risk in the current climate.

Discussion Topics

How has the economic response to COVID-19 impacted your companies’ international operations or expansion plans?
What processes and procedures are you putting in place to adapt to the inevitable increased regulatory activity to stay ahead of complex regulatory change globally?
Do you have accurate payroll data you can use as an important source of strategic insight to inform business decisions?

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CEO of ADP Nederland since June 1, 2014. Martijn previously worked at Xerox and from 2011… Find out more
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