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Accelerating change: imperative in a digital era

3rd November 2020 | 1:00pm BST
How can you use technology as a competitive differentiator?

Today, we live in a world where consumers can get anything on demand. For example, you have the convenience of Amazon’s one-click ordering and Uber’s ride-hailing service. However, many companies are unable to match the speed of consumer expectations and demand which results in complicated digital products.

Consumers simply want their transactions to be low friction. While companies can be optimistic about the launch of a new digital product, many fail to improve customer engagement and deliver a return on investment. Especially during times of uncertainty.

So how can organizations better meet customer expectations and provide a seamless journey? According to global innovation service provider, Zuhlke, three steps to remove friction include:

  • Understand the customer and map out their journey.
  • Build integrated journeys on firm foundations.
  • Continue to refine the user experience.

While identifying and reducing friction is a constant battle, making improvements in customer speed and convenience is a big part of modern digital-business success. How can you deliver innovative digital products that delight customers through CX-led product design and development? How can you use new sources of data to automate end to end complex processes that adapt in real-time?

Join Zuhlke and a select group of industry thought leaders to explore how to accelerate change and how to use technology as a competitive differentiator.

Discussion Topics

Challenges of delivering business value quickly whilst undergoing digital transformation.
How to use data to enhance business value.
Complex customer-facing interactions and how to enhance the customer journey.

Your Host

Thought Leader
Wolfgang Emmerich CEO, Zuhlke
Wolfgang Emmerich co-founded the Zuhlke Group in 2000 and am currently CEO and Chairman of Zuhlke… Find out more

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As a service provider for innovation projects, Zuhlke transforms expertise in business and technology into solutions that amaze its clients. The company develops economically successful products, services and business models for the digital future, from the idea to implementation and… Find out more
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