Changes in the automotive sector: driving near-term business recovery and long-term business success

1st July 2020 | 5:00pm CET | 11:00am EST | 1 hour
Are you ready to embrace change in a smarter, more connected automotive industry?

The automotive industry is dramatically changing, with the rise of connected, autonomous, electric and shared driving causing unprecedented technology and business model shifts. In addition, global lockdown is now putting additional stress on the sector, disrupting supply chains, changing the financial picture and shifting consumer behaviours and demand – perhaps forever.

It is a fast-evolving space – and the response must be equally swift. It requires firms to simultaneously navigate the immediate crisis, adapt to new financial realities, and refresh strategic plans in order to emerge stronger after the crisis.

Yet amid the disruption, there is also opportunity: the opportunity to build upon potential new revenue streams such as autonomous driving, and harness emerging data services that can be delivered to mobile platforms. The question is, how do you position yourself now to make the most of that opportunity going forward?

Dell Technologies in partnership with NVIDIA, and in combination with some of the most innovative voices in the industry, will be exploring this very topic as we look to uncover how to drive both near-term business recovery and long-term success. How will the sector be shaped by new ways of working? How can we respond quicker to changes in customer demand and new delivery models? And what does the future hold for ADAS and other technology driven developments? Join the Transformation Tune-In Series to find out.

Discussion Topics

The automotive industry was already going through a profound period of change pre-COVID, with the rise of connected, autonomous, electric and shared driving causing unprecedented technology and business model shifts. But how has COVID-19 further disrupted the sector? How has it impacted operations? How are you seeing customer behaviours change? And how have automotive priorities shifted as a result?
Disruption is forcing firms to embrace digital technologies like never before. And as we shift from a hardware-centric to more of a software-based industry, the role of data will be increasingly critical. How are automotive firms using data and digital technology to drive improvements in both their operations and the vehicle itself? What is the role of edge computing in this shift? How are advances in simulation/digital twin technology helping drive innovation and reduce operational costs?
Customer experience is rapidly becoming the new competitive battleground in the automotive sector. So what does the digitisation of the industry mean for the customer experience? How is technology transforming the industry’s ability to offer new levels of service, convenience and delight? How can we respond quicker to changes in customer demand, and offer new delivery models that meet changing expectations? What does the customer experience of the future look like?
When can we expect to be driving a Level 5 fully automated car? What needs to happen for that vision to become a reality? And how have recent events either stalled/accelerated that movement?


Gary Clark COO Automotive Cloud, VW Automotive Cloud
Set Cloud Architecture vision and "execution" for public and private clouds. Extensive experience running distributed organizations… Find out more
Hank Skorny President, Connected Services, Aptiv
Hank Skorny is President of Aptiv Connected Services, a position he held since November 2018. Mr.… Find out more
Teodoro Lio MD | Automotive and Mobility Lead, Europe, Accenture
Responsible for Automotive and Mobility across Europe, shaping the agenda of an industry undergoing significant disruption… Find out more
Dubravko Hlede CIO / IT Manager, Rimac Automobili d.o.o.
Dubravko Hlede was born in 1979 in Zagreb where he undergoes series of education from rookie… Find out more
Vish Nandlall VP Technology Strategy & Ecosystems, Dell Technologies
Vish Nandlall is the Vice President of the Technology Strategy and Ecosystems Office (TSEO) at Dell… Find out more

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