Agility: the key to building a resilient business

30th June 2020 | 3:00pm CET | 9:00am EST | 1 hour
How do you create the right digital foundation to build resilience, improve agility and drive new business growth?

Businesses everywhere are currently faced with multiple macro headwinds, the likes of which we’ve rarely seen before. Rising customer expectations, revolutions in existing business models, the pace of technology change – and that’s before global lockdown imposed wholesale changes to the way we work and interact, and redefined what business normal looks like in both the immediate and longer term.

That shift alone has presented significant challenges in terms of flexibility, security and scalability, and highlighted the imperative for robust digital foundations that enable you to respond quickly to a rapidly shifting business landscape.

Business agility has never been more critical – and the role of the CIO has never been more central to delivering on that promise.

Dell Technologies in partnership with Intel and Windows 10 Pro, and in combination with some of the most innovative voices in the industry, will be exploring this very topic as we look at how to achieve greater business agility, and how it can drive both near-term recovery and long-term success. How will the business landscape be reshaped by current challenges? How do you respond, both quickly and with an eye on the road ahead? And what are the emerging technologies that will be key to delivering a robust, resilient and future-proofed organisation? Join us in the Transformation Tune-In Series to find out.

Discussion Topics

How have you responded to the increased shift in the market from offline to online at the business model level?
What do you think the digital platforms and ecosystems of the future will look like, and what are the challenges with adoption?
How can emerging technology applications from data management, AI/ML, multi-cloud, edge, 5G and security help build resilient digital business and consumption models?
As leaders, what approaches have you been taking to drive change, be creative and innovate?


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