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Smart strategies for intelligent data archiving and effective operational recovery

4th June 2021 | 11:00am - 12:30pm EST
How to harness growth and innovation through data storage?

Data is one of a businesses most powerful assets and can present a major source of revenue. Yet, due to the exponential growth in data, with 175 zetabytes of data worldwide expected by 2025 (IDC 2018), data visibility, risk management and performing analytics become even more challenging to achieve.

To drive operational agility, companies needs to understand where, what and how their data exists at all times, particularly in today’s competitive landscape. Additionally, business compliance is becoming more fraught with complexity, therefore it’s vital to balance policy-based objectives with the availability of trusted data.

So, how can you harness growth and innovation through data storage and your data protection strategy? How can you reduce backup costs by streamlining data and removing inactive entries while bolstering effective operational recovery? And, how can you leverage multiple public cloud storage services to improve business continuity?

Join Hitachi and a select group of industry experts to discuss how to create smart strategies for data storage and protection while meeting governance requirements.

Discussion Topics

What are your main challenges when it comes to your data archiving process? For example storage silos, compliance and governance, content preservation requirements, backup costs.
How are you working towards data compliance and achieving governance requirements? What are the main barriers here?
What steps are you taking to minimize risk and data loss through your archiving strategy? And how are you ensuring effective data safeguarding and protection?

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Thought Leader
Ian Sinclair CTO of Digital Infrastructure Architecture for Canada and US, Hitachi Vantara
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