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Digital readiness: modernising the core

15th December 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am GMT
How can we drive enterprise modernisation to adapt to ever-changing customer expectations, gain better insights from data, and be more agile?

Capital Market firms are constantly challenged by digital disruption as well as their own high operating costs. They are expected to pivot and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. However, their old legacy technological infrastructure limits their capability to transform and drive innovation at scale. The current climate also continues to be an obstacle for firms as they plan for an uncertain future. So, how can CIOs drive change and innovation at an enterprise level as it relates to people, process, and technology? How do you implement cultural change within the organisation?

ThoughtWorks has a deep expertise in delivering engineering-led transformation. Recently helped a large digital services firm to establish a delivery approach for legacy-replacement of a core banking solution, for banks in the Nordic region. ThoughtWorks leads with a cloud-first approach and helps organisations to adopt agile and DevOps practices. Modernising platforms with scalable infrastructure, flexible applications, establishing an engine for innovation, and equipping people with digital skills – all geared towards the capability to adapt.

Join ThoughtWorks and a select group of industry leaders to discuss how to overcome legacy infrastructure challenges, how to develop an optimum cloud strategy and equip your teams with digital skills to accelerate innovation..

Discussion Topics

How to modernise the existing legacy technology estate with a thin-slice approach? How to develop an optimum cloud implementation strategy?
How do you make sense of the disparate data sources - both structured and unstructured and build a data-driven organisation?
How can you establish enterprise agility in a large-scale operation and drive cultural change that fast-tracks digital transformation?
How to develop digital skills and continue to upskill the workforce with agile ways of working?

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Isa Goksu Director of Technology, Financial Services, UK, Thoughtworks
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