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Build or die: Developers critical to business’s success and survival in 2021

29th March 2021 | 11:00am - 12:30pm BST
How can we deliver unprecedented customer engagement through digital transformation whilst we build better customer connections in the new normal?

The world looks different with 2020 behind us, and we are still grappling with the seismic impact, unsure what 2021 will bring – be it political, social, or medical. One thing is clear, digital engagement will underpin business strategy for many years to come.

The trends we see all point to a new paradigm for how companies operate:

Personalisation within reach: Soaring digital engagement drives new insights, but businesses face a tidal wave of data. Businesses have no intention of going back. The challenge is turning this data into actionable insights that drive personalized customer experiences at scale.

The agile workforce: While COVID moved companies into the cloud, it moved employees into home offices, sheds, hotels, car seats, and, in more than one instance, a construction trailer. At one point, more than half of the global workforce was working remotely and many will never go back full-time. The opportunity is in increasingly distributed teams and new talent markets – enabling an agile workforce that can serve customers anytime, anywhere, any channel.

Industries embrace digital: Highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, and the public sector become first-adopters and lead with customer centricity. We saw contact tracing efforts and virtual healthcare developed in days. Financial services companies (finally!) learned how to close mortgages and insurance policies with digital signatures. These industries will attract new generations of customers and constituents through these new experiences, requiring followers to keep up.

Video enhances virtual: Almost all respondents reported that video communication accelerated more than any other channel. Zoom became a verb and entertainment was transformed, with late-night TV hosts like Stephen Colbert doing shows from home and musicians like John Legend performing concerts from their living rooms. While video stood in for in-person interactions in 2020, the next generation of video technology will be about enhancing our in-person and virtual interactions rather than replacing them.

Time to build: Great experiences don’t come in boxes. The pandemic brought the importance of developers into sharp relief as companies needed them to create digital solutions fast. Memorable digital experiences can’t be bought, they must be built by developers who are involved not just in solving the problems but defining them. Companies must recognize that they have to build, not buy, their digital future.

Join Twilio and a select group of senior thought-leaders to share best practice within customer engagement, to discuss shared challenges in moving digital transformation forward and to understand the future of customer experiences.

Discussion Topics

How are you meeting and exceeding customer expectations at every step of the journey?
What are challenges you are facing tailoring customer experiences?
How are you giving your teams the visibility into the data they need to make informed decisions for your customers in real-time?

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